Dogpatch Artists

An Arts Guide for San Francisco's Dogpatch District

Ellen Burgin, Painter

Ellen was born in Marion, North Carolina. She received her BFA in painting from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and her MFA in painting from Louisiana State University. She has been the recipient of several grants and awards and her work is represented nationally in many private collections as well as in the permanent collections of the Huntsville Museum of Art in Huntsville, Alabama and in the Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Her current body of work yields discoveries in imagery through aggressive marking, layering
colors and exhuming layers. Working the surface of the painting in a variety of mediums, Ellen uses repetition of marks and patterns to build the painting and each mark links back to the previous one –like a chain reaction that co-pilots the work. Sections of the canvas or paper
are wiped down to expose previous marks. This catalogue of marks in the under-paintings are
essential to the final imagery. The critical mass of marks eventually coalesces, sometimes
referencing organic forms.

More of Ellen’s work can be found at:


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