Dogpatch Artists

An Arts Guide for San Francisco's Dogpatch District

About Dogpatch

San Francisco’s origins as a seaport and industrial shipbuilding center are still evident in the Dogpatch neighborhood today. Rusted cranes and old warehouses stand next to sleek loft spaces and foodie destinations. The Dogpatch neighborhood sprang up during the growth of San Francisco’s industrial commerce after the Gold Rush. By the late 1860s the area had developed into the City’s most dense and important center for heavy industry, employing thousands of industrial workers and skilled craftsmen. Waves of young Irish, Scottish, and English immigrant workers and later waves of immigrants (Italians, Scandinavians, Mexicans, Dust Bowl migrants, and African Americans) settled into the area. Many of the original homes dating back to the 1860s, survived 1906 earthquake and fire and stand today.

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