Dogpatch Artists

An Arts Guide for San Francisco's Dogpatch District

Adele Shaw, Painter

Adele Shaw was raised in New Jersey where, as a child, she frequently decorated the hallways of her family home with her favorite drawing tools of the day, crayons.

Color, wax and mark-making are still in her repertoire. Inspired by the light in the Bay Area, and subtle changes the landscape she finds the balance of unseen and opposing forces inspiring. Those of creativity and destruction, light and reflection, calm and chaos… to name a few.

She’s been working with reflective materials. These elements bring new interactivity to her paintings in light both full and low light.  The elements catch and reflect differently even when very little light exists. The play is like watching sunlight dancing on the water, or the setting sunlight reflected on windows in the Berkeley Hills as seen from San Francisco.

Adele has been working and exhibiting in the SF Bay Area since 1989.
More of Adele’s work can be found at:

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