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Tim Andrews, Photography

My love of photography began in my youth during a summer job in Yellowstone Park. The incredible majesty of the Rocky Mountains provided an inspiration that remains to this day. It soon became apparent that photography would be the center of my life, so I decided to study at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I graduated in 1978 with the technical skills that are mandatory to produce quality work.

My commercial photography led to the establishment of studios first in Los Angeles, and later in San Francisco. Much of my effort over the last 30 years has been in nurturing my commercial business, in order to succeed in an incredibly competitive arena. That success has allowed me to pursue my first love, the landscape.

My photographs are the result the artist’s eye combined with the latest technologies in fine archival printing. An artist’s vision will always be the most important element in the creation of beautiful imagery. For a photographer, this translates into a sense of awareness of light and design, of finding simplicity in chaos. In the random explosion of shape and color that is all around us, one must discern those brief moments that will result in a strong two dimensional image.

Vision alone, however, will not yield elegant results. A photographer must have an extensive knowledge of his tools and craft to reproduce his concepts. My earlier images were produced with film up to 4×5 inches in size, but I now work exclusively with very high end digital cameras to produce the high resolution, finely detailed prints I demand. The digital file is refined to reproduce what I visualized at the time of exposure, much the same as traditional photographers might use filters or darkroom techniques to accomplish their vision.

Numerous test prints are then made to determine the final image. Prints are made with a Lightjet printer onto Fuji Crystal Archive paper, producing true silver halide images with a color gamut and sharpness that far surpasses traditional photographic prints, with an estimated minimum life of 70 years. All prints are mounted using acid free rag board and signed by the artist, to provide years of enjoyment.

More of Tim’s work can be found here:


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