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Cody Bratt, Photographer

Cody Bratt is a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a Rhetoric degree emphasizing in narrative and image.

Like many kids, I’ve played with cameras my entire life, but I only started shooting “as a practice” during college. Since photography serves as a vehicle to express my sense of wanderlust, my subject matter ranges from curious sea shots to abandoned couches at night in the Mojave Desert.

More abstractly, I believe a photograph can only hope to faithfully capture an emotion. To say it captures a complete scene is far too inaccurate, as the scene changes from moment to moment, second to second. In that way, I aim each of my photographs to be a love letter to the world. Each one depicts a life dripping in romance, seduction, melancholy, fear and hope. As the life around us deteriorates with the passage of time, this emotion is the one constant through our lives. Why should I photograph anything less?

More of Cody’s work can be found at:



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