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Barbara Stikker, Printmaker

I came relatively recently to printmaking, through drawing, after years as a mother and attorney. My art does not capture the images of my previous life, although my past informs the subjects I choose. I examine the world through a figurative viewfinder and place my images close to the plane of the print; I then translate the image into a pattern that dances through the entire frame. For subjects, I look to my family and other things that are meaningful to me. I also recycle ideas that may have been part of other drawings or pictures. I strive to create visually pleasing images that evoke an emotional response.

I chose to learn printmaking because I was enchanted with the idea of making multiple copies of the same picture. For me, the process of creating the plate, inking the image and pulling the print are as important as the finished product. My favorite medium is linoleum. As I cut away the linoleum, I release the picture. I try to recreate that process with each print I make.

More of Barbara’s work can be found at:


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